Five Clever Ways A Vacuum Sealer Can Save You Money

gamesaver outdoorsman reviewVacuum Sealers have a huge amount of benefits, and if you read the site regularly or have been here before, you’ll know that these include food prep and marinating, sealing other items besides food and of course food storage, but we’re focusing today on something which is a superb benefit of owning a vacuum sealer; saving money! It might not be obvious at first, but sealing food and other items can save you money in ways you may never have even thought of, which we’re looking at today.

  1. Less waste. Lets start with the obvious benefit. Vacuum sealers make your food last longer, and because of this you throw less away, instead of having to throw out the steak you bought a few days ago, you can vacuum sealer, freeze it and generally store it for longer. Next time you need a steak dish, your meat will still be fresh.
  2. Buy on bulk. For the reason above, many kitchens, particularly busy ones, can buy foodstuff on bulk, and going to a wholesaler (in the UK “cash and carry”) or somewhere like Costco in the USA. Vacuum sealed meat lasts longer in the fridge and freezer than it would have done otherwise, and being able to buy a big bulk of meat can save you money up front.
  3. Important documents and valuables – now for one of the reasons you may well not have considered. Many of us use our sealers to put important documents and valuable items away safely and away from water damage or perishing. Documents can be tough to replace, and expensive, and of course the same applies for valuables such as jewelry. This is particularly useful if you are in a flood prone area but can help us all, no matter where we live.
  4. Resealing food – If you buy food such as cereals and chips on a regular basis, you will know that if the bag is left open, they can quickly go stale. Many vacuum sealers allow you to reseal these types of bags, especially the handheld sealers can be great for this, and though you can buy ‘chip clips’ to try and keep them fresh, sealers will do the job far better. For instance, lets say you run a coffee company, you spend enough on disposable cups and cleaning products, the last thing you want is a speciality coffee going bad because it isn’t properly sealed, coffee you use less such as decaf is prone to this.
  5. Cooking in bulk. Something many of us do to reduce our waste is to cook in bulk and freeze. If you live alone or as a couple then eating, for instance a whole lasagne in one sitting can be tough, but instead of throwing away what is left over, you can cut it into portions and vacuum seal it in order to keep the food for longer.

Aren’t Vacuum Sealers Expensive to Run?

No! The initial outlay isn’t cheap, but they’re really not overly pricey to run. You can buy ‘compatible’ bags to go with your sealer which are very affordable. Of course the money you save over the course of a week won’t pay for your sealer, but long term it is very likely that you’ll save more than enough to justify the purchase, which will also make your life a hell of a lot easier.

Can I Clean Vacuum Sealer Bags to Reuse?

In short, yes, you can do this. It is a matter of personal choice and making a judgement call based on what has been sealed in the items before, but turning them inside out before thoroughly washing should be fine in most scenarios, and is yet another way to help your purse strings through this process.

Since Vacuum sealing came into my life, I’ve worked out how to use it in so many ways to marinate my food, save portions for reheating at a later date and of course (as inspired this post) save cash on the grocery bill. My kitchen is more efficient than ever as well as my meals being more tasty than ever.