Vacuum Sealer vs Ziploc – Which is Better For You?

ZiplocIn this article, we are going to evaluate two amazing options for food storage in the ultimate food storage showdown, Vacuum Sealers or Ziploc. Exploring the pros and cons of each will help you while choosing which one suits your food prep needs, and which is better for each individual scenario and food types.

Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Just like we have said earlier, the essence of this article is to enable you make a better buying choice. Almost all the available vacuum sealers are being evaluated on different criteria – quality, price, reliability, and durability. Here on the site we have reviewed a huge amount of these types of products and there are many recommended sealers right here on our site.

The benefit of a vacuum sealer vs storage bags or containers is that they work in a different way, sucking the air out of the products to create more of a seal and avoid any contamination, ready for freezing or storing in other ways, great for space and avoiding wastage of your foods.

This is a wonderful product that can help you whether you are searching for a sealer for home use, commercial and domesticated vacuum sealer- this could be a better decision.


As opposed to vacuum sealers, the option many of us are used to is using Ziploc products, either containers or bags. You can use these to store and preserve food for a longer period. You can also use it to store other items too if you so wish but the majority of us use them for freezing, refrigerating or putting things in lunchboxes etc.

NOTE: Ziploc do have a vacuum sealer available, and it is an excellent model, I’m just talking about their other storage products for the purposes of this comparison.


Ziploc are a method of storage and little else, but this is a strength as much as a weakness, what the products do, they do very well, and arguably are the best bags and containers out there, but they don’t offer the same features as a vacuum sealer.


If you browse through the internet, you will also discover that some users have few reservations about this product especially when you make the comparison with vacuum sealers. Below are some of them:

In terms of how you can purchase ziploc, they’re usually pre made bags or containers for your food, you can buy them and easily use them and put food in, and though it is hassle free there is no addition to the shelf life of the food or anything, they’re just there for protection. Sure, they do a great job of sealing the food so it doesn’t become contaminated, but that’s all really.l

Final Verdict

These two models have a very obvious thing in common – they can be used to store your foods more effectively, but a ziploc bag or container has no huge benefit in terms of longevity, and is just there for protection.

But most users still maintain that a good vacuum sealer has more possibility of storing your food for a longer period of time, without having any adverse effect on its quality, meaning it can save you money in the long run and cut down on waste.

Vacuum sealer has an excellent concept and has revolutionised food storage in many ways. If you buy foods in bulk, you can separate the ones you need for the moment and use them, the rest can be vacuum sealed for further use. They’re great for home use and business use, and are super easy, and lets face it, not too expensive considering they can save you money on food getting wasted.

From the look of things, you can see that vacuum sealer tends to be a better option than Ziploc. This doesn’t mean that ziplock is not a good product and as already mentioned, it PROTECTS rather than PRESERVES – when you place both on a scale most would tend to go for vacuum sealer first before any other storage product for the additional benefits.