What is a Vacuum Sealer? What Do They Do?

vacuum sealerA vacuum sealer is a kitchen appliance which a few years back may not have been very widely heard of, but it is becoming very popular, and with good reason. It is designed to suck the air out of the packaging of various food items whether they are dry or moist so they can be preserved and stored safely for a longer period of time either in the freezer or elsewhere.  The sealer can easily be used for various purposes such as to seal electronics, coffee products and other materials.  There are two types of vacuum sealers in the market. The first one being the counter top models that don’t offer much in the way of portability but are extremely efficient and effective in sealing the food. The other one is the hand held vacuum sealer which offers more durability, strong suction and of course it is portable and easier to move around.  The application basically enables the very clever reduced oxygen packing technology which is a superb way to slow the decaying of food sources by reducing any atmospheric oxygen. Also the environment after getting the packet sealed is, all being well, totally bacteria free so you don’t have to worry about the aerobic bacteria or fungi growing over time.  People who use vacuum sealing at home are able to do so quickly and easily and use it without having to worry about other packing and food processing techniques. 

Vacuum sealing is not a substitute for heat processing of canned foods or for food that needs to go in the freezer.  The vacuum sealer is a must have if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen and want to make your life easier, and is amazing for anyone with big families, or caterers, or anyone who finds themselves having to store food on a regular basis.  It is the best method to store food and also really economical and saves wastage. Food that has been stored and preserved through the vacuum sealer tends to last up to five times longer. Moreover, it conserves space for food storage and eliminates any chance of bacteria growth or infestation.  

The best vacuum sealers are such that they have an efficient sealing process, strong suction power to remove the air from the product, durability and perfect temperature maintenance.  If you are a regular user of vacuum sealers, it is better and appropriate that you go for a commercial model, especially if you’re using it for business. These sealers may cost a little more, but they are usually bulky, provide quick service and longer durability. These vacuum sealers can seal more packets at a time thus provide ease and convenience for the busy or commercial user.  Always remember that there is a proper way to fill the bags and seal them. If possible, try to avoid wrinkled bags because only smooth bags and seal the food properly.  The wrinkled bags have the potential to be bad for storage and can spoil the food.

Using vacuum sealers is not difficult; you may try looking at various online forums where they teach new users on how to operate the vacuum sealers efficiently and effectively and this site is designed to help all of the vacuum sealer enthusiasts out there. Chefs all around the world are avid users of vacuum sealers because it helps them to cook tasty food, so if you work in the food or catering industry you should definitely know all about these. Vacuum sealing also allows special cooking which may be difficult without the technology, this includes sous-vide. This technique of cooking revolves around sealing bag to be poached. Vacuum sealing food can also hinder the freezer burn which usually happens when the surface of the food is dehydrated. Have a look at amazon.com and ebay.com for the regularly available discounts and growing number of models, and of course, here on vacuum sealer geek we will keep bringing you reviews and info so as to enable you to bring your most appropriate and high quality sealer home.